Buckingham Manufacturing – NEW PRODUCTS

By D'Ewart Representatives LLC | January 6, 2021

BUCKINGHAM NEW PRODUCTS ADDED TO WEB SITE (End of 2020) Steel Tree Climber Kit with Cushion Wrap Pads – SB95K1V-BL 3/8″ Bailout XL 30″ Eye-Eye Prusik – P9JQ3-30 EDGE II Saddle – 17910 Heritage™ Left-Handed Double Back Tool Holster – 42666SL-BH Distribution EZ Squeeze™ with Woven Inner Strap and Carabiners – 490DWTC Black Tough Rope™…

Buckingham Manufacturing – NEW PRODUCTS

By D'Ewart Representatives LLC | November 16, 2020

BUCKINGHAM NEW PRODUCTS ADDED TO WEB SITE Fiberglass Chainsaw Scabbard Without Spring – 4514Q2 Rectangular Climber Shield – 10CQ1 Simple Lanyard with Two Snaps & Prusik – 9VV8Z27 Cushion Wrap Pad w/ Weight and Insert – 3502W Cushion Wrap Pad w/ Weight – 3500W Essential Hard Hat Sticker – 429999 EZ Squeeze™ with Inner Rope…

Megger – New Product Launch: digiPHONE+2

By D'Ewart Representatives LLC | July 6, 2020

Hear nothing but the cable fault   digiPHONE+2, the new cable pinpointing system with shock wave receiver enables perfect acoustics that lets you hear only the fault noise. What`s new? ·     Greatly improved noise filtering ·     Amplification of the fault signal ·     Combination of fault arrow with cable compass ·     OPTIONAL: Bluetooth® headphones ·     OPTIONAL: Sheath fault…

Buckingham Manufacturing – NEW PRODUCTS

By D'Ewart Representatives LLC | June 10, 2020

  Economy TrueFit™ X-Style Harness U603P8Q1 An X-style TrueFit™ harness equipped entirely with steel hardware. Features a sternal & dorsal web loop. Equipped with lightweight shoulder pads.   EZ Squeeze™ w/Black Tough Rope™ 490K4 Buckingham’s EZ Squeeze™ featuring our newest Tough Rope™ in black! Features a BuckGrab™ for inner adjustment. Equipped with carabiners for body…

Megger – TTRU3

By D'Ewart Representatives LLC | May 11, 2020

True 3 Phase Transformer Turns Ratiometer Guaranteed accuracy ±0.05% from -20°C to +50°C 3Ø test voltage – up to 250V 3Ø step up ratio (patent pending) Phase shifting & zig-zag transformers tested easily and accurately Smallest/lightest 3Ø test set on the market Fast 3Ø tests – less than 10 second

Buckingham Manufacturing – NEW PRODUCTS

By D'Ewart Representatives LLC | May 8, 2020

NEW BUCKINGHAM PRODUCT ADDED IN APRIL: BuckOhm™ TrueFit™ X-Style Harness – U602P8Q1 BuckRigger™ Kit – KIT97 BuckViz™ Vinyl Drawstring Bolt Bag – 45703G9S9 BuckAdjuster™ with Black Tough Rope™ – 92E+R-8 The Buck LeverJust™ with Black ToughRope™ – 92EM8-8 EZ Squeeze™ with Black Tough Rope™ – 490K4 EZ SQUEEZE™ WITH LEVERGRAB™ AND BLACK TOUGH ROPE™ –…

Buckingham Manufacturing

By D'Ewart Representatives LLC | May 7, 2020


Nordic Fiberglass – Sectionalizing Cabinets

By D'Ewart Representatives LLC | August 16, 2018

Nordic Fiberglass – 9K Transformer Box Pads

By D'Ewart Representatives LLC | February 2, 2018

“Under 9,000 lbs. and it fits…that’s it”. Nordic’s 9K box pads support transformers up to 9,000 lbs.  These box pads have a flat surface area of 75″ x 69″.  If your customer’s transformer dimensions are between 75″ wide and 69″ deep, and it fits, that’s it!  Just make sure the transformer’s cable compartment covers up the 48″ x 16″ top…

Ripley – Infinity US01 Adjustable Cable Stripper

By D'Ewart Representatives LLC | November 9, 2017

Introducing the industry’s most versatile, reliable and accurate adjustable tool for mid-span and end stripping on primary and secondary utility cables. It’s the one tool everyone needs on the job! Visit the Infinity Product Page


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