Hastings 5H Rated Grounding Sets

By D'Ewart Representatives LLC | May 17, 2017

PPC Post Insulators

By D'Ewart Representatives LLC | May 16, 2017

PPC INSULATORS:  OVER 100 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE PPC Insulators is a leading supplier of state of the art electro porcelain insulators for substation, overhead line and precipitator applications specializing in insulator designs up to 1200kV AC and 800kV DC system voltages. PPC POST INSULATORS Advanced post insulator designs Major improvements in PPC Insulators now set…

Preformed Line Products – Motion Control

By D'Ewart Representatives LLC | May 16, 2017

VORTX™ Vibration Damper VORTX Dampers respond to wind induced line vibration that is characterized by high frequency, low amplitude motion a.k.a. aeolian vibration. The VORTX damper with Large and Small weights can achieve greater power dissipation and frequency response performance than “symmetrical weight” Stockbridge damper designs. Wider frequency coverage translates into better protection as energy…

MPQ2000 – New Portable Quality Analyzer

By D'Ewart Representatives LLC | May 16, 2017

The MPQ2000 can work in any environment you need it to – the auxiliary input provides the necessary power for testing in substations,  but when an AC outlet is not available it has the ability to power off Phase A. While its rugged exterior allows you to work indoors or outdoors without the need for…

Technibus, Inc. – Metal Enclosed Bus Systems

By D'Ewart Representatives LLC | May 15, 2017

TECHNIBUS, Inc. is a global leader in the supply of metal enclosed bus systems operating for more than 50 years.  Our products include Isolated Phase, Non-Segregated and Segregated Phase Systems. Operating in a 150,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Canton, Ohio, the TEC TECHNIBUS, Inc. name was trademarked 22 years ago leveraging our focus on…

Lindsey Manufacturing Co. – SMARTLINE-TCF

By D'Ewart Representatives LLC | May 8, 2017

SMARTLINE-TCF™ Dynamic line rating has come of age and has a new name: SMARTLINE. Software that learns, not calculates. What is smart about SMARTLINE? Ratings and forecasts built on actual measured data, not estimates. Simple and fast installation- no line outages required. A choice of dependable, out-of-the-box ready communications. Software your way- in the cloud…

Preformed Line Products – Raptor Clamp/OWL

By D'Ewart Representatives LLC | May 5, 2017

Wildlife Protection The RAPTOR CLAMP™ and Overhead Warning Light (OWL) are designed to increase the visibility of overhead power lines for birds providing an economical means of reducing the hazard to both the utility’s power lines and the birds. Products that feature our state-of-the-art RAPTOR CLAMP technology can be easily applied using a standard shotgun…

Sediver Solution To Bird Dropping On Insulators

By D'Ewart Representatives LLC | April 20, 2017

Preformed Line Products New Products

By D'Ewart Representatives LLC | March 30, 2017

Preformed Line Products – a leader in fiber optic closures and hardware offers some great new products we’d like to let you know about: Closures & Splice Cases (OPGW & ADSS). Learn more about these great new offerings and contact the D’Ewart team today for any questions!

Copperweld Appoints D’Ewart as Representatives

By D'Ewart Representatives LLC | February 27, 2017

We are proud to add the following new manufacturer: Copperweld We are proud to announce that Copperweld, the world’s most famous brand of Copper-Clad Steel (CCS) wire, has appointed D’Ewart Representatives L.L.C. reps for Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington & Wyoming. Please contact us today to learn more about Copperweld products.


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