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Archive for August 2017

Megger – Battery News & Testing Tips

Battery Ohmic Data Analysis After we gather the impedance data what do we do with it? How do we make sense of it? A battery string consists of more than just batteries. All aspects of it need to be examined… CLICK HERE to continue reading.   Testing Batteries with 2mm Access Ports  Batteries can present…

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LWS Pole Repair Brochure

We are proud to introduce a new brochure from Laminated Wood Systems that will offer even more ways for customers to save money utilizing their existing poles vs change-outs. The patented, versatile design of the PoleEnforcer & PoleEnforcer SRS can be used to reinforce and repair poles with high decay, car breaks, woodpecker damage, burned…

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Megger Transformer Products

Transformer health is paramount to ensuring the stable transmission and distribution of electrical energy. Maintaining these costly assets can be difficult if you don’t have the proper tools. The full line of Megger Transformer Testing Solutions delivers the broadest range of diagnostic testing in the industry to help extend the life of your transformer, so…

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Preformed Line Products – Wrap Around Guy Marker

PLP® Distribution Products WRAP-AROUND GUY MARKER Description The PREFORMED™ Wrap-Around Guy Marker is designed to identify down guys or other wire and cable installations where anchoring devices are exposed to pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic. The Wrap-Around Guy Marker is available with a choice of three attachment devices; Universal Cable Tie, LOOP-LOCK Pin, Stainless Steel Clamp…

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