MPQ2000 – New Portable Quality Analyzer

The MPQ2000 can work in any environment you need it to – the auxiliary input provides the necessary power for testing in substations,  but when an AC outlet is not available it has the ability to power off Phase A. While its rugged exterior allows you to work indoors or outdoors without the need for any additional casing to protect it from the elements.  Once set up, you can confidently leave it alone to run the test, freeing your time to carry out other essential tasks.



IEC61000-4-30 Class A compliance, Powered off of phase A voltage ac/dc, 1000 Vac and 1000 Vdc range, Real time scope and DVM, Connection verification, On-board data analysis, RMS voltage / current, Total harmonic distortion, DC voltage, Total demand distortion, DC current (requires DC CT), Harmonics, Phase-to-phase voltage, Inter-harmonics Power parameters (KW, KVAR, KVA, DPF, TPF), Energy parameters (KWH, KVARH, KVAH), Voltage sags/dips and swells, Power harmonics, Phase angles, Harmonic direction, Current sags/dips and swells, IEC flickerTransient down to 1 msec, Rapid voltage change, IEC unbalance and ANSII unbalance, Phase angle deviation, Frequency


Megger’s analytic software is unlike any other

The extensive data capabilities make analysis smarter and more accurate.  For example, you can create your own company standard templates that can be stored and compared, as well as check your results against compliance standards.  This saves time, effort and costs, making your entire testing process more efficient.